Have you maybe been wondering about how to help out your local food pantry/pantries during this unusual time? Many (if not all) of our local food pantries have been needing to do things very differently in light of this COVID-19 pandemic. We (at Calvary Lutheran Church in Elk Rapids MI) have recently given two gifts of $500 (totaling $1000) to ACTS (the Acme Christian Thrift Store (and Food Pantry)) in order to help them to continue to feed the hungry in our area during this time. Think about it. Pray about it. And if you are able… consider giving… to ACTS or to another organization like it. For Jesus says… whatever you do for others… you do for me (from Matthew 25).


Monthly Support of ACTS Food Pantry: On the first Saturday of each month we collect non-perishable food items and other basic necessities for ACTS (the Acme Christian Thrift Store – https://www.acmechristian.org/).  For Jesus said, “[F]or I was hungry and you gave me food… ” (from Matthew 25:35 NRSV).

And here’s Gene himself-home from his Honor Flight. Again… welcome home! And thank you!

Our CLCW (Calvary Lutheran Church Women) group had a kitchen cleaning party today (9/18/19)! And in this picture… they’re even showing off some of their cleaning products! 😊 Many thanks to our CLCW group! Our kitchen looks great!

Highlights from our “Mulch Party!” on Saturday, May 25th at Calvary Lutheran Church (in Elk Rapids). Thanks everyone for your hard work!